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Welcome to Green Screen Footage.

On this site we have scoured the web for the most relevant, useful and best quality green screen footage. Whether its dancing animals, explosions, animating text, after FX projects or graphics and alpha channel elements we have compiled it all here. Please browse the main categories to the right and from there you will be able to go deeper into each category depending on what you are looking for. Gone are the days where this kind of footage would cost you 100′s of dollars. With the internet and the micro-stock revolution you can now get clips for as little as $10. You can also even find clips for free.

We will be adding to the directory continuously and refining search methods. Please also check back for upcoming in depth articles about how to shoot and edit your green screen clips.


Also we will be continuously scouring the web for the best free clips. You can find a new FREE clip every week at Pond5 Stock Footage

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 Tips on selecting and buying green screen footage.

Once you have found a green screen  footage clip you want to use, you will have to sign up to the relevant stock footage supplier if you are going for royalty free media. The largest are iStockPhoto and Pond5 but you will also find companies such as Revostock, Shutterstock and ClipCanvas. You will need to sign up for an account with any company you want to purchase from but it usually takes no more than a couple of minutes. For iStock and Pond5 (and most other companies) you can download a low resolution clip and try it out in your edit. For green screen footage this method is certainly not going to be perfect as trying to chroma key out a piece of low resolution green screen footage is not going to work that well. However, it should give you enough of an idea as to whether the clip is what you need.

If you opting to use some of the free samples then usually these are hosted on You-tube or other video sharing sites. In our directory we will give any specific instructions for accessing the free green screen clip.

Using Keepvid to download green screen footage from Youtube

If there is no straightforward way then you can use to pull the video from You-tube and  convert it to any one of several file formats- usually Mp4. Simple copy and past the URL of the You-tube video, open up and paste that into the box at the top of the screen. Shortly Keepvid will provide a list of file formats. It is usually best to select high quality Mp4. You can then download the video.

Please note that, whilst you can physically do this, it does not mean that it is legal to use the clip. It may have copyright attached to it. At we have aimed to source only clips that are either public domain or have a creative commons license. It is your responsibility to make sure you know what rights are attached to anything you download and use.


Difference between royalty free and creative commons license

If you are working on a commercial or corporate project (or anything in which some kind of financial aim is involved) then you will want to use royalty free green screen footage and pay a one time fee for it. In days past you would have to enter into a complex legal arrangement where money is paid to the author for every specified broadcast of their work. In the world of the internet this kind of set up is neither practical or enforceable. With royalty free you pay a one time fee for the video  and are then able to use it as many times as you want and in any context. The only main restriction is that you are not allowed to simply purchase the clip and then sell it on somewhere else. It must be used as part of a creative project. Of course the requirement is not a black and white issue. however- basically as long as you are not using the clip stand alone (even if it is only to add some text over the top) you will not be at risk.

The creative commons license is a relatively new legal construct. It allows people to make their creations available for use for free but with certain restrictions, which the author can broadly define. You can find out more detailed information of creative commons online but for out purposes here the issue is usually pretty simple: free green screen footage clips with creative commons licenses can be used in your creative projects but you will need to credit the author somewhere. In many cases the footage can not be used for commercial purposes but this is not always so. The advantage of creative commons licenses is that, compared to usual legal terminology, they explain fairly clearly what you are, and are not, allowed to to in each case.

However, if you have any kind of commercial intent for your project, or are not sure where it may end up getting distributed, then the royalty free green screen footage is going to be your safest bet.





Green screen footage – sports green screen

Green Screen Sports- a huge category


This collection features some of the best sports green screen footage. There is a huge range of clips available out there ranging from live action chroma keyed people performing the sports through to animated graphics like basketballs and footballs.With the green screen sports collection there can be quite a bit of variation in price. Generally computer graphics sequences are cheap with some less than $20. But the full live action sequences- some of which are extremely high quality and very detailed can go up to $299. This is still a good deal cheaper than actually hiring a studio and models would be though. And most characters are featured- from basketball players to golfers in a wide variety of poses.

So you can either find a clip that comes nearest to what you need and then drill down into the database from there or use the extended search using phrase like ‘green screen basketball’. You will find what you need that way. I’ll also be adding to the green screen sports collection directly here and breaking it down into more detailed sections so its even easier to find what you’re looking for.


search terms: alpha channel chroma key green screen HD athlete people pre-keyed sports matte runner jogger training golfer basketball running jumping contains people 1 person male young adult (20s) adult (30s-40s) african white american ethnicity latino or hispanic ethnicity multi-ethnic slow motion long shot youth basketball sports photos virtual set 3d animations youth hockey background replacement action pictures blue screen

Green screen people – business – female

This collection of green screen footage contains only female bussiness women! If you need male bussiness men then check this collection here. Mostly HD 1080 high quality they feature women showing they can do it as well as men: striking deals in person and on the phone, shaking hands, dominating in meetings and just general smiling and looking good etc. Considering the wide range of clips available in this category its also worth checking here before spending hundreds of dollars on a customised green screen shoot and hiring models. Many of this clips are under $20 and even the higher end clips are almost all under $100. A royalty free licence gives you unlimited use the clip. For more info on footage licences and rights click HERE

If you don’t quite see what you’re looking for then click on the clip that is about nearest to what you want or use the extended search on the right to dig down into the huge clip index.


Search terms: hd line lady face high help call work talk green adult clerk smile young woman fresh phone happy typing people worker female person office service support monitor hotline business helpdesk computer operator keyboard Chroma-Key adult associate beautiful business business-team businesspeople businesswoman caucasian colleagues communication contemporary corporate corporation demonstrating employer environment executive female five friendly girl group happy job line looking manager meeting office partner partners people person portrait professional row smile staff standing success team teamwork together white work workplace young chroma Kroma Keying

Green screen people – business – male

This collection of footage features mostly head or upper body shots of business men. The theme here is suits, smiles, telephone conversations, shaking hands or busy and on the move. Considering you could spend several hundred dollars to pay for your own green screen studio its seriously worth considering whether some of these clips will meet your needs as many are under $20.

These clips are specially selected as the best and most useful examples. But if they aren’t quite what you need then either click on the one that is nearest to what you want and continue your search from there or use the extended search option to the right. Both are very quick and effective ways to find what you need.

Getty Images

search terms: agreement handshake hand shake contract deal suit male man guy businessman businesswoman turning business woman female lady standing green screen hd high work adult clerk young people worker person office handsome secretary corporate executive definition background greenscreen off center professional representative chroma key

green screen footage – vault, bank, safe

Green screen vault/bank. A great collection of graphix CGI sequences.

Some of these green screen vaults  have full 3d fly through – usually ending on a door opening to reveal green screen. Here you can place whatever you want. Many of these clips sell for under $20. If you don’t see quite what you’re looking for then click on the clip that comes nearest and you can continue to expand your search from there. Also you can use the extended search tool to the right.


search terms: vault safe bank steel business storage safety finance security banking protection secure combination handle spinning equipment reserve locked opening metal money euro valuables secret

animal green screen footage

How Many Animals Can You Get into a Green Screen Studio??


I have broken down green screen animal footage into several parts- seeing as there are a lot of animals! Also green screen animal clips are not always so easy to come by as the logistics of getting animals into a green studio can make them expensive. So many clips are computer generated. Whiulst not ideal, some of these can work well enough in live action footage.

Remember, if you don’t see what you’re looking for either click on the preview clip that comes closest to what you want- or use the extended search to the right. Both will take you to a large collection of footage where you’ll be able to find what you want.

Green Screen Dogs/Cats

OK, one animal which can be got into a green screen studio. You will see there are more live action clips available here.


Green Screen fish

Another animal its possible to find at least some good live actions clips of.


Green Screen Birds

Whilst not live action these bird clips are striking can come with an alpha chnannel.

green screen rainfall

Rainfall stock footage. cheapest clips I found so far


This is a useful clip of rainfall with an alpha channel. Available in HD and various frame rates at $15. Using this to completely mimic natural rainfall is probably not going to work.  However it can be useful as a graphic element such as a title sequence.

If you don’t quite see the clip you’re looking for below then either click on this one to be taken to a larger selection or use the extended search box to the right –>

green screen ink reflected water. Rorschach.

Green screen abstract ink. Not green but still beautiful.


OK So this isn’t strictly green screen. But this green screen collection is certainly beautiful and quite useful. These beautiful abstract cloud shapes are created either by CGI or by actually pushing ink in water solution past the camera. Either way the result is extremely natural and organic looking. The white background can also be keyed out. Essentially what you have with these clips is a very complex alpha matte which coud be used in many way to create some stunning abstract visuals. head over to the tips and tutorials section for more info on how to key green screen/alpha footage.

Search terms: rorschach ink reflected water black abstract cloud smoke abstract drifting effect matte sfx texture seduction sexy underwater seductive organic no people real time underwater shot black and white professional lighting alpha matte green screen

Natural green screen explosions

How natural can green screen explosions be?


Most green screen explosions are very computer generated(CGI) looking. So with this collection I tried to include the most natural and realistic looking ones that could be plausibly used on live action. With natural green screen explisions We’re talking shaky camera, bits of flying debris and billowing smoke. Obviously its very hard to do so there’s aren’t too many of them around. However these are some of the best I could find.


search terms: fireball fire burning hot flame background red heat explode explosion Bomb Effects Alpha channel hd transition animation real time video 1080 combat action special Hell green screen natural realistic organic shudder blast real boom gasoline propane and natural gas

Green screen footage – Fire

This green screen footage collection features various clips of fire on a green screen. They range from a simple, single flame or a hand lighting a match to larger pyrotechnics. Most of these clips use computer generated imagery as lighting a real fire in a green screen studio is neither advisable for safety reasons. nor would it produce a particularly good effect anyway. That said some of the videos in the collection are very lifelike and can be used effectively for com-positing into live action shots.

Search terms: fire burning flame hot hd red heat burn hell alpha render orange bottom ground channel animation no people flames lower third alpha channel greenscreen backgrounds demon face digital video

green screen footage – helicopter

Green Screen Helicopter


This royalty free green screen footage collection features helicopter craft from various angles. Most of these clips are 3d motion graphic animations as its not exactly easy to get a full size real life helicopter into a green screen studio! (unless you’re Hollywood). These clips don’t come at Hollywood prices though – $15 to $40 for a high quality sequence. Almost all clips in this collection are HD 1920×1080 frame size. Most of the animations are also of the exterior of the helicopter rather than from inside the cockpit.

The free clips section features some very high quality clips. Please check for details on each clip for download permissions. In most cases the author simply requires a credit or a subscribe to their you tube channel. As always- remember that any clip downloaded from youtube will not be at highest quality whatever anyone says. If your project is for broadcast or to be shown on a large screen you’re going to need full download a quality clip. Usually that means paying for a royalty free clip where items can be downloaded at full quality.



search terms: green screen helicopter chromakey adobe after effects blender 3ds max apache war action 3d forces gun helicopter military nato navy sikorsky silhouette vehicle war green aircraft american army attack blackhawk chopper fly gunship hawk help naval service afghanistan iraq helicopter flying on green screen